About Us

Aload is a sportwear brand, started in February 2020. Aload is the brainchild of the Founder Elode Amegan who wanted to create something motivational through a medium that is familiar to him. We are all about building  a community of people who motivate each other. His contribution to motivate others is ALOAD.

Aload as a brand wants to be recognised not just as a clothing brand but also as a motivational tool; this motivational drive is from his own story, Which motivates him and he knows others have their own stories. We excited to know those stories and build this community.

Above all, our vision is for everybody to know that Every Sacrifice has a Story.

The meaning behind the name

Aload has many meanings:

In the litterature sense the name Aload stands for "A Load" meaning something heavy that is carried. Aload is also a play on the founder's name Elode.

Aload represents placing value on the dialy efforts people put in their activities. The small things count and are crucial  towards achieving the larger goal.

Everyday we push ourselves through hardship. The essence of Aload is to remind us to look at the positive side of these hardships in every aspect of our life weather it is our active life or personal life.

Aload is about pushing through that load with consistency and motivation.

Keep the story that started your journey stand out and create your legacy.